USB Charging Light & Human Body Sensing Control Smile Magnetic Night Light(Warm white light)

USB Charging Light & Human Body Sensing Control Smile Magnetic Night Light(Warm white light)

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1. In a dark environment, if there is activity in the sensing range, the night light will automatically turn on, eliminating the trouble of turning on the light. The elderly wake up at night, breastfeeding in the middle of the night, lighting the corridor, going to the toilet at night, and emergency power outages.
2. 3-6 meters Ling sensitive response, 120 ° sensing range. Built-in dual sensing elements, intelligently identify the light and dark of the environment, and automatically turn on the light after sensing the movement of the human body at night, which is convenient and practical
3. Super battery life, low energy consumption,
4. No punching, with a magnetic sticker on the back, engraved in any corner of your use
5. The exquisite smiley appearance, with a touch of childishness in simplicity, adds joy and happiness to the home

product manual
1. Working in low-illuminance environment: when the ambient light is less than a certain brightness and low illuminance, it automatically enters the non-photosensitive mode and turns on the standby state; the human body enters the human body induction lamp and moves about 3 meters, and the induction lamp detects the human body within 2 seconds. Move, the sensor light will automatically turn on the lighting mode, and the lighting mode will automatically go out for about 30 seconds.
If the human body continues to move within the range of the sensor lamp, the sensor lamp detects the human body movement signal again within 30 seconds, the sensor lamp will automatically clear the previous timing period, and automatically recalculate the 30-second delay in the next period.
2. High-brightness environment: When the sensor light is placed in a high-brightness environment, the internal light sensor senses high-intensity light, the sensor light automatically turns off the human body sensing function, and the light is off.
3. Charging mode When the light is not bright enough, it needs to be charged. Plug in the 5V charger to charge, the red light flashes; the red light is always on when it is fully charged.
4. Note:
- The sensing area of ​​the product surface cannot be covered by other objects, otherwise the sensing sensitivity will be affected. If you use a charger to charge, please use a 5V/1A charger. When charging, the lamp must be taken out to ventilate and charge. Avoid installing near heat sources, such as air conditioning outlets, heating outlets, humidifiers, etc., where the temperature changes drastically, and avoid installing in direct sunlight.
- After using for a period of time, if you find that the brightness is reduced, please charge it in time. After the battery is exhausted, please recycle the used batteries to avoid environmental pollution.
- This product is magnetic
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